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WU Huilin
Position Partner
Specialization international trade and investment law, maritime law, mergers and acquisitions(M&A), international commercial law.
Working Language Chinese, English, German
Contact Tel: 86-574-87320661 86-13325944309 Fax: 86-574-87198652 Email: wuhuilinlawyer@yahoo.com.cn
Education Background 2001 Wuhan University with double Bachelor’s degrees in Law and German literature. 2004 Wuhan University with Master degrees in private international law and international economic law.
Qualification & Titles Duty Secretary General of Ningbo Bar Association Director of Maritime Committee in Ningbo Bar Association Commissioner of Professional Practice Steering Committee in Ningbo Bar Association Secretary General of Ningbo Public Relations Association Mediator of International Chamber of Commerce Mentor of Zhejiang University Ningbo institute of Technology Consultant lawyer of Ningbo CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade ) and Ningbo Bureau of Foreign Trade Awarded with honors of Top ten lawyer in Ningbo, and top younger lawyer of Zhejiang Province.
Working Experience
Leading Cases

WU Huilin, 32 years old, graduated from Wuhan University Law School (the best law school in China mainland) with double degrees of L.L.M in international private law and M.A in German literature. Mr. WU has been engaged in foreign–related legal practices and specifically good in areas of international trade and investment law, maritime law and international commercial law.

Currently Mr. WU is famous lawyer working in foreign-related legal affairs and providing many transnational corporations with his good legal professional knowledge and experience. In almost ten years Mr. WU dealt with over hundreds litigation cases and business projects for foreign clients involving total accumulated dispute or deal amount more than several billion US dollars. His foreign clients come from all countries and regions of world, including USA, German, Spain, Italy, Holland, Turkey, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hongkong, Macao Taiwan…

The successful litigation cases by Mr.WU:

 On behalf of a Indian company sued domestic supplier for machines quality compensation with 3,000,000 USD;

 On behalf of a German company sued domestic supplier for motorcycle quality compensation with700, 000 Euros;
 On behalf of a German company sued domestic manufacturer for the brand infringement compensation with RMB3,200,000;
 On behalf of a Bulgarian company sued domestic shipyard for contract breach compensation with USD6,000,000
 On behalf of a Dominican company sued domestic agent company for advance payment disputes through criminal way.
 The successful non-litigation Projects by Mr. WU:
 On half of one USA company made negotiation with domestic suppliers for quality and payment disputes for amount USD600,000 and settled disputes friendly.
 On behalf of Thailand client succeeded in settlement of one shares rights in company with disputes amount in USD240,000.
 On behalf of Australian client succeeded in settlement of disputes arising from exclusive distribution agreement.
 The successful business cooperation and investment legal projects by Mr.WU:
   The Terex Cooperation purchased one domestic heavy industry company with deal amount in USD300,000,000;
   Ziemann GmbH set up Joint-Venture with Chinese partner with the investment amount USD6,000,000;
   Canadian Company increased capital into Chinese factory with USD24,000,000.
   Turkish Company as exclusive distributor promoted business cooperation with domestic plastic inject machines.
Personal Comment
If you are foreigner and do business in mainland of China, if you are confused of the Chinese legal affairs during your business operation, Please do feel easy to contact us at any time without hesitation. Our law firm and Mr. WU will help you deal with any legal affairs in the better and safe way.
The contact details of Mr. WU and High &Tactic Law firm:
Mr. WU Huilin                                 
M.T: (0)-133-2594-4309