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ZHANG Youming
Position Partner
Specialization criminal litigation and criminal non-litigation, especially in aspect of economical crime.
Working Language Chinese
Contact Tel: 86-574-87329625 13906614536 13566609999 13175153202 13396694915 Email: Zhangyouming@hightac.com
Education Background 1989 East China University Politics and Law with Bachelor’s degree in Law
Qualification & Titles 1997 Licensed attorney at law Vice director of criminal committee of Zhejiang BAR Association Director of criminal committee of Ningbo BAR Association
Working Experience In 1989 Mr. Zhang graduated from college and he had been working as policeman, editor, journalist for 8 years. Since 1997 Mr. Zhang joined into High & Tactic as professional attorney at law and is engaged in career of criminal litigation and non-litigation.
Leading Cases Since career of attorney Mr. Zhang succeeded in many criminal cases in practice and be awarded all kinds of prizes in Ningbo and Zhejiang province, even the whole country. And Mr. Zhang‘s successful experiences are based on his good academic knowledge. He has published many academic articles and most of them are highly valued.

For all kinds of ordinary criminal cases and economic crime cases, especially be good at and also fond of all kinds of difficult, complicated criminal cases. Mr. Zhang has unique experience in areas of public officer and corporate staff crime, financial fraud crime, tax-related and smuggle crimes. In recent years, Mr. Zhang has been developing practice and research in areas of criminal legal adviser  for enterprises, acting various criminal charges and other criminal non-litigations and has a great substantial progress.
Personal Comment Be good in researching and debating; like thinking and making friends;
Comprehensive and flexible; diligent and active.

1. Legal Lawyer charges , and try best to defend.
2. The legitimate rights and interests of Client’s first, and Clients are
God of us.
3. No case lack of defense value; only the brain lack of  analytical capacity.
4. Tactic up to me, success up to mind.